Monday, May 18, 2009

Short Evan Dando Review

Could only find 1 single worth mentioning in our revered Top 23, so we decided to skip a week and give you a new one next time.
Did add a short review of the Evan Dando show at the Paradiso on Sunday.

Evan Dando: Paradiso May 19th

He didn’t say much this night. Before the last song he told us that he just had some Snickers to eat and his stomach was hurting. Seemed he had some of the other fine local ‘cuisine’ as well. He also mentioned that 7pm was very early for a show. And with the sunlight still shining into the small Paradiso room between the curtains it was. But it’s a busy place.

Evan Dando has been here many times before with both the Lemonheads and as a solo artists. But the venues are getting smaller and smaller. This time it was the small Paradiso room with chairs and tables with enough room to move.

A not so talkative Dando played his songs almost without pausing in between. No stage presence this time but the songs speak for themselves. With around twenty years of songs to choose from the quality of the man’s songs is high. Drug Buddy, Bit Part, It’s A Shame About Ray, Outdoor Type, Big Gay Heart, all the greatest hits were played.

An interesting evening with Evan Dando was still worth it, but let’s hope next time he will stay off the Snickers.

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