Thursday, July 21, 2011

15 New Songs

Been a while, but here are 15 new songs we think you should listen to.

Paulusma - Back Of Your Car
Daryll-Ann might be gone but the singers keep producing remarkable new songs. A grayer Paulusma performs this beautiful song for Dutch National

Deerhunter - Memory Boy
psychedelic keyboards dominate in a song that could easily have been written and performed by the Zombies.

The Zombies - Breathe Out, Breathe In
While we are on the subject of The Zombies, they are back with a new record that retains some of the harmonies and sound of the majestic Odessey and Oracle.

Bon Iver - Calgary
Nightmare/dream video accompanying the first Bon Iver single of the new record.

The Dears - Blood
The new album Degeneration Street is a Tour de Force with the stress on force, an album with 'too many notes'. Blood is the exception.

Two Wounded Birds - All We Wanna Do
Wonderful sub 2 minute punkpop song. Lot of beach songs these days

Two Door Cinema Club - This Is The Life
Starting to like the sound of this band more and more, and apparently it also works live.

The Boxer Rebellion - The Runner
Somehow i doubt this video will played a lot on day time tv... They got oscar nominated directors to make the video and it shows.

Broken Records - The Motorcycle Boy Reigns
Hysterical? Nah, just emotional.

The Galacticos - Aunt Mary
Belgium's favorite youngsters strike again. funny video full of costume and scenery changes.

Fucked Up - The Other Show
Some 14yr olds with new electric guitars are trying to play the opening riff.

Birdy - Skinny Love
Doesn't reach the Bon Iver original, but we can only admire youngsters listening to great music and trying to recreate it.

Anthony David - God Said
Brilliant protest song about the absurdity of religious figures.

Young The Giant - My Body
Another great single from these guys. Let us all jump around in the heather.

Aux Raus - Oh No It's Them
Yes, you heard right, that's gabberindie.

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